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The magistrate gives credibility to the third version that Carcaño offered on the night of the crime, in which he confessed to the rape before he strangled her along with El Cuco.

After the sexual assault ended, both bound Marta with electrical tape and strangled her with an electric cable. Later, with the help of his friend Samuel Benítez, they transferred the young woman’s body, but before that, Carcaño’s brother, Javier Delgado, and his girlfriend, María García, met at the house. The judge emphasizes that the unsuccessful search for the body has cost 616,000 euros and has caused Marta’s family “an inordinate suffering and a situation of permanent anguish.”

Marta del Castillo’s ex-boyfriend is accused as the main author of a rape committed the night of the crime and as a necessary cooperator of another, allegedly committed by El Cuco with his help. In addition, her brother Javier Delgado is accused of covering up, conditional threats, desecration of bodies and a crime against moral integrity. Meanwhile, Samuel Benítez, Marta’s former friend, is accused of concealment, desecration of corpses and a crime against moral integrity, like María García.

With this order, the magistrate puts an end to the stormy instruction, since there is no recourse after having sent the 25 volumes and 6,000 pages to the jury court for the oral trial to be held, predictably next fall. The judge decrees a bond for civil liability of 250,000 euros to each of the adult defendants, including Carcaño, who is in preventive prison, his brother Javier Delgado, his partner María García and Samuel Benítez, all three released. The magistrate decrees that six separate pieces of the case with testimonies, pieces of conviction, handwritten letters and photographic albums provided by the Police Juvenile Group that has led the investigation be sent to the jury court.

The minor accused of the rape and death of Marta del Castillo, Javier G. El Cuco, who allegedly used his mother’s car to move the body, had two other vehicles at his disposal, one of which the police did not analyze. until last winter and the other was destroyed in November 2009.

A police report now delivered to the judge investigating Marta’s death reveals that Cuco’s mother, 15, and her sentimental partner had two other cars whose existence the police did not know about and, therefore, did not analyze for remains. when Marta disappeared on January 24, 2009.

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